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Somali Region

Pursuing Pastoral Resilience through Improved Animal Services (Project PPR SHARE)

Hadagela Woreda, Erer Woreda, Dambal Woreda, Shinile Woreda, Ayisha Woreda, each in Somali region's Sitti zone

Projects HRF SITI and

VSF-Suisse has a very strong presence in Ethiopia’s Somali region. Due to having specialists working for us in the fields of disaster risk reduction, the feeding and vetting of livestock, as well as making sure the livelihoods of the pastoralist communities are safe, UN OCHA and Swiss Solidarity have asked us to manage an emergency aid project in the North of Somali region. There lies Sitti zone where three consecutive rain periods haven’t happened as expected. Hence the country has been hit by severe drought. Tens of thousands of livestock have already died. As the livestock are the sole base of life for the pastoralist communities, many weaker families are by now suffering from malnutrition. VSF-Suisse supports the nomads within the field of emergency support and distributes meat as well as livestock fodder in order to help the people and their animals to survive this drought.

Moyale and Mubarek woredas (Liben zone); Hargelle woreda (afder zone) and Gode woredas (Gode zone)

Behavioural Change for Improved Nutrition among Pastoralists: A Study (Project BCIN)

The Behavioural Change for Improved Nutrition among Pastoralists (BCIN) project begins with research into behavioural aspects of maternal, Infant, and young-child feeding practices in pastoral households of Somali Regional State, Ethiopia. Following a proposal call from Transform Nutrition and A4NH, VSF-Suisse has carefully constructed the project to deepen understanding in this area of pastoralist-centred research.

Moyale und Mubarek, Somali Region

Livelihood support to improve resilience of pastoralists (Project ELSIR)

In the ELSIR project VSF-Suisse focuses on working out measures with the pastoralist communities to improve animal health and therefore leading to a more stable livelihood of the inhabitants.

Somali Region / Nogob and Jarar

Emergency Support to improve resilience of pastoralists affected by recurrent drought (Project HRF NOGOB JARAR)

Animal health support is a core livelihood-based intervention in pastoral areas considering the huge production losses caused by widespread livestock mortality throughout the year and especially during drought events. Animal health interventions bring immediate and substantial benefits to pastoralists by preserving their main livelihood asset, which is their livestock.

Somali Region / Gode and Hargelle

Improve Food Security through Nutrition Based Livestock Off-take (Project HRF)

"Before, everyone was always sick, especially the children. But after the VSF-Suisse intervention we realised that it wasn’t disease, it was the lack of protein."

-Asma Sheikh Mohamed, beneficiary of the project