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Isiolo-District, Kenia

Resilience and Economic Growth in Arid Lands (Project REGAL-IR)

The prolonged drought from 2008-2011 left many people in Kenya in need of assistance, especially because of large livestock losses. The project REGAL-IR is increasing the resilience of those people, so their livelihood isn't as dependend on the climate variations anymore.

Isiolo, Kenia

Climate Change Adaption for the Pastoralists through Camel Programme (Project ICMP Phase III)

In Sericho, Isiolo, Camels are distributed to pastoralists in need, to increase their livelihood and to give them a steady income.


Food Security through Camel Meat Hygiene (Project CAMEH)

In Isiolo, Kenia, the semi-nomadic communities are trained to follow certain hygiene aspects in the camel meat production. The goal is to enhance the resilience of the pastoral communities and to ensure their food security, therefore making them self-sufficient and independent.

North-East / Isiolo District

Integrated Camel Management Package (Project ICMP)

"If you would compare a herd of cows and a herd of camels in the same climatic conditions and the same arid areas, you would realize that the camel herd produces four times more milk than a cow herd would do. That’s why you see that traditional more cattle-keeping communities such as the Maasai have shifted now and are diversifying their herds and they are including camels now."

-Ilona Glücks, Veterinarian, VSF-Suisse


North-East / Isiolo District

Improved Community Response to Drought (Project ICRD Phase III)

This is the third phase of the project to improve community response to drought and is based on the experience of the previous phases. One important element for herd preservation during drought periods are the purchase and slaughter of agricultural livestock. During drought periods fodder and water are scarce and a smaller herd can survive longer on the limited resources. Through slaughter de-stocking the devaluation of the animals is prevented. At the same time VSF-Suisse supports the rehabilitation of bore holes and supports their improved management.