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Gedo Region

Lifesaving and Livelihoods Restoration (Project LLRP Phase II)

“It was difficult to put food on the table and my children were malnourished as we are totally dependent on livestock (…) After VSF Suisse’s intervention, animal diseases reduced and livestock death ceased. We are now able to milk our livestock, consume milk and even sell. It has restored our confidence.”

-Mr Alaso Muse Dhagow, 55 years old, animal owner, Sheikh Barrow, Gedo region (Somalia)

Puntland, Somalia

Puntland Animal Health Support Project (Project PAHS)

Because of the politically, socially and economically unstable situation, there isn’t many veterinaries left in Puntland, Somalia. Even though the livestock sector generates most of the income for the rural communities. The project PAHS focusses therefore on training veterinaries, stocking up pharmacies with animal-drugs and distribute information on animal health to the communities.


Puntland Livelihood Support Programme (PLSP)

The nomadic population in Puntland bases their livelihood on livestock. They represent the main source of food and income. However, the productivity of the livestock has decreased due to changed environmental circumstances. Further, the long distances and insufficient hygiene measures lead to a decreased quality in the produce. Therefore, the livelihood of a great number of people is endangered. VSF-Suisse supports the production and marketing of camel jerky, known as Hodka. Traditionally, Hodka is an important source of income for the women. A study has shown that the hygiene standards in slaughter and processing of camel meat are insufficient. Thus, the supply of low quality camel jerky has led to a market collapse. The same applies to milk production and sale. The project represents one of six components of a large regional programme and its focus lies on training the women in hygienic production and marketing of camel jerky and milk.