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South Sudan





South Sudan is the newest country in Africa. Formerly part of Sudan, the country of South Sudan was founded in 2011 and it has 12 million inhabitants. Half of the population live below the poverty threshold and the infant rate is 64 deaths per 1000 births.

Half of the 12 million inhabitants of South Sudan are children, of which a third suffers from acute malnutrition. Approximately 0.6 million children are orphans as the armed conflicts as well as lack of nutrition have taken their toll and cost countless fatalities.

There have been a lot of armed conflicts going on in the North of the country and later, with inner-state fights for land and political power. Due to these fragile circumstances the people of South Sudan have been suffering for year. Insecurity is both political and economic, and food security is at threat.

Livestock farming is the main pillar of livelihood and it plays an important socio-economic role. Nonetheless, both agriculture and livestock are affected by armed conflicts; the farmers and sheepherders cannot survive on agropastoralism – a mixture of agriculture and livestock farming – anymore.

The action of VSF-Suisse unfolds in the frontiers regions of South Sudan through various projects. We offer not only an emergency veterinarian assistance, but we also realize vaccination campaign, and we work on the rehabilitation of waterpoints and barrages. In addition to that, we support the reintegration of soldier-children by the delivery of resources necessary for their survival when they come back.


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