In many countries, donkeys help the inhabitants for land cultivation and they transport water as well as commodities. Nevertheless, their well-being and their health are often neglected.

“During the training session provided by VSF-Suisse, we were asked to list the benefits we get by keeping donkeys. I was surprised by how many there were. Our donkey even helps us to raise money for family members to get medical attention at the clinic, but strangely, it used to be the last one we took to the vet when sick!” Aweng Anyuon (South Sudan)

– Aweng Anyuon (South Sudan)

. Our staff vaccinated and dewormed Aweng’s donkey, which helped him to be more resistant. Today, Aweng follows the advices provided by our teams to treat her animal.

And the results are here: her donkey is now in good health but also more productive. “Today, I make it a point that he is well fed after work, explains us Aweng, and has rest and water.”.

Aweng’s donkey is now not only a work instrument, but also a friend and a member of the family.

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