If you have been following our work for a while already, you most likely know that training community animal health workers (CAHWs) constitutes an important part of our activities. This training enables laypeople to provide veterinary services to their communities – even in remote and unstable regions where there is a lack of public animal health services.

Despite the great impact that CAHWs have, they face numerous structural and political challenges. That is why the international VSF network published a policy paper (see below) which presents the current situation of CAHWs, identifies their greatest challenges and lists concrete solutions.

To learn more about the kind of work CAHWs do, please also check out the photos below which show CAHWs at work, in action for the health of humans and animals in their communities.

The Policy Paper of VSF-International

CAHWs at work

Images: (1) A CAHW preparing a deworming campaign. (2) Many CAHWs are women, here in Ethiopia (3) CAHWs treat all farm animals: from the smallest… … to the biggest!

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