Fight against Avian Flu (Project FACEGA)


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Start: 01.05.2011
End: 30.04.2012
11 months


CHF 230’000


Canton of Bern, Canton of Aargau, Canton of Basel-Stadt, Canton of Schaffhausen, Canton of Graubünden, Canton of Schwyz, Margaret and Francis Fleitmann Foundation, Migros (FISAGA)

Project area




A widespread outbreak of avian flu could have a devastating effect on the economic development of Togo. Immediately after the first case of avian flu became known in 2007, VSF-Suisse started supporting the national authorities with technical and financial support This broad programme focuses on prevention and early recognition training for all stakeholders as well as the handling of a potential epidemic Further components of the project include the fight against other poultry diseases (e.g. Newcastle disease) as well as the general improvement of poultry breeding structures. Since 2007 the projects have covered four of five regions.


When in 2007 the first case of avian flu became known in Togo, VSF-Suisse immediately started a project to prevent a widespread outbreak

In an initial phase the project covered three of five regions of the country. Currently we are executing a second phase in the Région des Plateaux. The project supports poultry producers in prevention, early recognition, and fight against avian influenza For this the project sensitises and educates poultry producers and their associations, poultry vendors, veterinarians and lay vets as well as civil servants in order to enable them to handle outbreaks of avian flu efficiently This further includes training on adequate poultry farming. The project constructs sample coops in its main locations. Poultry producers can then use them as models for their own coops In addition, in selected markets of the project region we build sheds specifically intended for poultry selling. A second component of the project is the vaccination of poultry against the Newcastle disease in the project region.

Further projects in the country

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