improving the survival chances of drought-affected communities through access to drinking water

Project Overview



Project name

HRF Wash

Project status


Duration of the project

6 months


USD 374’936


OCHA = United Nation Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (HRF, Humanitarian Response Fund)

Project area




In the dry season, access to drinking water for people and animals is one of the main problems of the Somali region. Access to drinking water and basic sanitation is far below the desired standards and the national average. Due to this serious and chronic water shortage, people are forced to walk ever longer distances in search of water and grazing land.
Due to the arid agricultural conditions, the irregular rainfalls and the poor hydro-geological conditions in the region, water quality and quantity are further weakened. This drastically reduces private water consumption for hygiene purposes and leads to a significant increase in waterborne diseases.


A holistic approach is applied to address water insecurity and related health risks. The first intervention of the project to provided clean water to 21’500 vulnerable people affected by the severe drought through water trucking activities. The second improved access to water in dry season by constructing, rehabilitating and upgrading water sources. The third enhanced the capacity of the community to operate and manage communal water sources by strengthening the capacities of local WASH (Water Sanitation and Hygiene) Committees..

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