Resilience and Economic Growth in Arid Lands (Project REGAL-IR)

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Start: 01.03.2013
End: 30.04.2017
49 months


USD 1’673’105



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Because of climate change, droughts in Kenya are more frequent than ever. Especially the people in Isiolo, northern Kenya, whose main income comes from agrigulture and livestock, suffer because of arid lands. The prolonged drought from 2008-2011 left nearly four million people in need of assistance because of large livestock losses.



The project aims to strengthen social, economic and environmental resilience for at least 93‘000 households in Isiolo, Garissa, Marsabit, Turkana, und Wajir Counties in Kenya. These counties contain the highest percentage of households in need of food assistance.

For the implementation of the measures REGAL-IR is in partnership with the Kenyan government and other key development actors to improve social stability. The project implements livelihood strengthening and diversification interventions to improve local households’ food security and incomes. Interventions that strengthen pastoral livelihood include activities that aim to improve livestock production, productivity, and market access.

For example there are self-help groups that Support the members in starting small enterprises. They are supported in mobilizing funds, identifying feasible businesses, and developing business plans. People receive a small fund to invest in their business and later repay it to the self-help group Thus the grant is made available for further lending to other members. Communities are empowered by being solely responsible for identifying opportunities, threats, and priorities in development.



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