Donor circle “Friends of VSF-Suisse”

The “Friends of VSF-Suisse” contribute 1’000.- Swiss Francs or more per year to secure our financial basis, which we so urgently need.

Our work wouldn’t be possible without the support of VSF-Suisse’s members and donors. They help us year after year to put our plans to action.

In this context the “Friends of VSF-Suisse” hold a special role as they are the solid foundation that supports our colleagues in the field as well as our small coordinating office in Berne.

“The fact that we as the veterinary profession can stand behind a competent organisation is a great opportunity. Your support is so valuable and will have a tremendous impact!”

Dr. med. vet. Hanspeter Steinlin

Veterinarian and member of the board

Your advantages as a friend:

Exclusive events

To thank you for your special support, we invite you once or twice a year to exclusive events – glimpses behind the scenes, specialist presentations, direct information from VSF-Suisse field teams and much more. You will receive the invitations and other information in the course of the year. We are already looking forward to welcoming you at an event with us!

Mention in the annual report

With your donation of CHF 1’000.- you will be mentioned by name in our annual report. If you prefer not to be named, please let us know anytime and we will make sure that your name is not listed.



As a friend you not only make a significant contribution to our work, but are also a member of the association which helps shape the organisation. For all those interested in shaping the activities and future of VSF-Suisse, membership is a good way to help get involved with the organisation. Members receive the annual report, a copy of our statutes and the right to vote at our general assembly.

Become a friend!

Get in touch for more information, we’d love to tell you more about all the advantages of the “Friends of VSF-Suisse”!

A huge thank you to the “Friends of VSF-Suisse” 2022


Veterinary practices

Ambühl Jürg | Bigler Beat and Christine | Boller Ruth | Bossy Nicole | Braun Ueli | Brunner Daniel | Brunner-Humbel Madeleine | Burckhardt Simone | Burger-Bolliger Dora | Capelli Paola | Dohrn Catharina | Dörig-Herzig Sabina | Dürr Markus and Edith | Eichbaum Elisabeth | Federspiel Singh Geneviève | Ferger Peter | Fischer Tobias | Fuschini Enzo | Giess Annette | Gisler-Huber Hanspeter | Guidon-Rostetter Eva | Guillod Gertraude | Güller Karl and Elisabeth | Hähni Beat and Dominique | Henner-Wey Hansjörg | Herrmann Susi | Hilti Martin | Hof-Boller Rosmarie | Horber Peter | Jacquemoud Fernand | Janser Eveline | Käser-Waldvogel Sybille | Kihm Ueli and Susi | Kistler-Künzli Eric | Kohler Samuel and Silvia | König-Liechti Beat | Kunzmann Antonia and Rudolf | Kutter Brandau Annette | Ladner Beatrice | Leuch Barbara | Martig Johannes | Meylan Mireille and Schelling Esther | Morgenegg Gottfried | Moser Markus | Nydegger-Bucher Beat and Martina | Pfister Rudolf | Pillon Sandrine | Preiswerk Lucas and Ursula | Räber Alex | Raetz Katharina | Reusser Lis | Ros-Ammann Mirko | Safford Judith | Schmid Gregor and Franziska | Schneider Erika | Schneider-Fröbel Fritz | Schüpbach Gertraud | Schuppers Manon | Schwarz de Quervain Anna | Seewer Martin | Siegenthaler Margret | Sihler Monika and Hanspeter | Stadelmann Martina | Stadlin-Kugler Markus and Doris | Stärk Spallek Katharina and Spallek Marcus | Steinlin Hanspeter and Anita | Stirnemann Rolf | Stohler Eduard | Stuker Gerhard and Melcher Stuker Natalia | Stutz-Scherer André and Theresia | Thomann Pascale | Thür Barbara | Thurnherr Anita Tamra | Van den Berg Adriana | Wachter-Stäheli Rebecca | Waldvogel Ruth | Waldvogel-Boller Andreas and Ursula | Wehrli Barbara and Samuel | Welti-Gehrig Severin | Wenger Bettina | Wieland Barbara | Wyss Johannes and Monika | Wyss Hans and Caroline | Züllig Franziska 

Adrovet vétérinaires, Adoutte Danielle and Philippe Roux | AniCura Kleintierpraxis Sursee AG, Bisig Caroline | AniCura Tierklinik Thun AG, Schmid Gregor | Anima Tierärzte-Team AG, Muhl Eveline and Kathrin Urscheler | BESSY’s Kleintierklinik AG, Vannini Rico and Imelda | Centro Veterinario 3 Valli Sagl, Vescovi Natan | Emmevet AG, Müller Marie | Geflügelpraxis AG, Kreyenbühl Karin | Gross- & Kleintierpraxis, Riedener Markus | Gross- und Kleintierpraxis Schönau-Vets AG, Azzilonna Landerer Felicia and Cedric | Haustierpraxis Barboutzet, Manser-Meyer Barbara | Kleintierpraxis am Bahnhof, Brenner Catherine | Kleintierpraxis TierEGGe, Mothersill-Baumann Susanne | tezet AG Tiermedizinisches Zentrum, Goldinger-Keller Felix and Elisabeth | Tierärzte Team Aurora AG | Tierarztpraxis Brack & Vonmoos | Tierarztpraxis Landerer, Landerer Katrin and Ralph | Tierarztpraxis Richenstein, Brunner Käthi | Tierarztpraxis Thöny AG, Thöny Markus | Tierarztpraxis Wetli, Wetli Urs | Tierklinik Aarau West AG, Hartmeier Gertrud | TIERMED AG, Ferraro Ruth | VETcetera, Burri Matthias | Vétérinaire d’urgence Neuchâtel, Matile Étienne 

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