For over 20 years, Somalia has faced civil war and subsequent clan conflicts which interrupted basic services to the Somalis. The country has also been struggling with recurrent climatic shocks such as droughts and floods with increasing frequency. One consequence is that a large part of the population is affected by food crises. According to the FAO, 860,000 people suffer from food shortages.


Since the collapse of the central government in 1991, provision of higher education has been nearly nonexistent especially in veterinary medicine. Most of the senior veterinarians left the country to seek asylum abroad. Clan conflicts and harsh conditions in pastoral areas have forced those who remained in the country to move to urban centers.


  • Food security and
  • One Health
  • Irrigation
  • livestock production
  • WASH

On the ground since: 2000

Operational presence in: Gedo region and Somaliland

Office: Bullahawa

Number of projects: 4

Key partners: Emergency Pastoralist Assistance Group-Kenya (EPAG-K),
South West Livestock Professionals Association

Team: 11


Current projects Somalia:

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