Our expertise

One Health

The One Health approach brings closer together human and veterinary health services and natural resources management to produce better health outcomes and financial savings.

In its programmes, VSF-Suisse aims to implement activities with a view to One Health wherever possible.

Chaînes de valeur

For VSF-Suisse, strengthening existing systems such as human and animal health systems is paramount.

An important part of this work is value chains for animal products such as milk, meat or eggs. These generate income for producers and traders and are designed to improve animal health and produce better quality.

Animal health

As our main activity, we strengthen the veterinary services in the countries in which we are active.

We support all “five pillars” of veterinary work: herd management and health; prevention; disease surveillance and response; hygiene and food safety/veterinary public health and legislation and regulatory frameworks.


Our mission is to improve the resilience of vulnerable populations

by promoting the health and productivity of their livestock within a sustainable environment.

Natural resource management

Without sustainable natural resource management, neither humans nor animals can prosper and be healthy. .

We incorporate natural resource management into all our activities to address issues such as dry season grazing practices

Nutrition-sensitive livestock interventions

Part of the commitment of VSF-Suisse against hunger are operations in which the nutrition situation of people is improved by supporting the health and improving the production of farm animals (“nutrition-sensitive livestock interventions“).

We thus ensure that our activities establish food security and that safe and hygienic food is produced thanks to our projects.

Disaster Risk Reduction

To ensure that people better cope with disasters, they not only need to be resilient, but every effort needs to be made to mitigate the risks and outcomes of disasters as far as possible.

This includes nutritional and financial assistance to the most vulnerable among those affected.


LEGS, short for “Livestock emergency guidelines and standards” is an independent initiative that aims to improve the quality and livelihoods impact of livestock-related projects in humanitarian situations. VSF adheres to these guidelines and applies them in all emergency projects.