With 1.24 million de km², the republic of Mali is one the biggest countries in Africa, with 17.6 million inhabitants.

The infant mortality rate is 77.6 deaths per 1000 births and 44% of the population live below the poverty threshold. Adding to the economic difficulties, instability has increased during the past few years, especially in the North. Consequently, an UN-stabilization mission has been implemented in Mali in 2013.

The economy is largely based on agriculture, which offers huge opportunities: as reported by the FAO, the surface of pastureland is approximatively of 30 million hectares of which only one third is used, notably because of a lack of access to water and losses caused by trampling, fires or rangeland erosion.

Extremely affected by resource scarcity, the rural areas are also the ones where lives the vast majority of the population. 80% of Mali’s inhabitants depend on livestock, which is constricted by diseases, lack of infrastructure in the matter of animal health and -production, the predominance of traditional husbandry systems, but also the limited capacity of both meat and milk production actors.

For the past ten years, one of the principal projects of VSF-Suisse has precisely been a complete milk supply chain in the area of Bamako to provide fresh milk to the population.


  • Local milk value chain
  • Animal health
  • Nexus (humanitarian aid – peace)

On the ground since: 2004

Operational presence : Kayes, Koulikoro, Sikasso, Mopti, Tomboctou, Bamako

Office: Bamako

Number of projects: 4

Key partners: CAB-Déméso, HAFL School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences,
Nouveaux Horizons, VSF Belgium

Team: 3


Current projects Mali:

Reference projects Mali:


Healthy animals – empowered women!

Healthy animals – empowered women!

Many of our projects specifically aim to empower women. Why is that? 75% of all people in need worldwide are women and children. Although more than 50% of all food worldwide is produced by women, women account for 70% of all people suffering from hunger. When women...