Update on the desert locust plague in the Horn of Africa

Desert locusts remain present across the greater Horn of Africa. The impact on affected communities remains high and may lead to increased vulnerability of pastoralist and agro-pastoralist communities, affecting their livelihoods, food security and nutrition status.

Job opening: Regional HEAL Project Manager

VSF-Suisse is looking for a regional project manager for its HEAL project.

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Many of our projects specifically aim to empower women. Why is that?

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The expansion of environmental protection and the improvement of the living conditions of thousands of people can go hand in hand, as the example of our recently completed project APFA II shows.

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We improve the well-being and resilience of vulnerable populations by promoting the health and productivity of their livestock within a sustainable environment.

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«In just one day the locusts destroy the livelihoods of 35,000 people!»

«In just one day the locusts destroy the livelihoods of 35,000 people!»

Our program manager for East Africa, Frédérique Darmstaedter, informed on June 9th at the radio program CQFD on RTS about various questions regarding the current desert locust plague of the century in the Horn of Africa. We are very gald that we were able to draw more attention to this catastrophe!
This is a first success – but we will continue to fight for more visibility to the plague!

A short report from the life of a beneficiary of our project work in Somalia

A short report from the life of a beneficiary of our project work in Somalia

The Lifesaving and Livelihood restoration project and the related Somalia Monitoring and Learning Project aim at improving the livelihoods of vulnerable communities.
The beneficiaries of the projects are farmers, low-income and vulnerable households, but also disadvantaged social classes such as households headed by women.

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VSF-Suisse fights against hunger and poverty in various countries in East and West Africa. We work especially for and with people who depend on animals for their livelihood.

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Support income generating activities that allow for a stable income based on livestock and thus contribute to a reduction in malnutrition and poverty.

Disaster Risk Reduction

Support victims of catastrophes and improve emergency preparedness.

Veterinary services

Reduce the effects of diseases that are transmitted from animals onto humans and improve food security.


Inform the Swiss public about the challenges faced by livestock owners in developing countries.

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