Horn of Africa: from drought to flooding

After dry and hot weather conditions in January and February and a corresponding prolongation of the drought in the Horn of Africa, seasonal rains from March to May started on time in equatorial areas of the region and earlier than normal in Somalia. 

Meet Constantin Assi

Constantin joined VSF-Suisse in 2007 and is responsible for Finance and Administration in our Togo Country Office.

Inspiring encounters in South Sudan

South Sudan has experienced flooding for the last four years with devastating effects for its population. Our programme manager Sara Imbach visited the country and talked to the people.

35 years of commitment for people and animals in Africa

We are pleased to celebrate the 35th anniversary of VSF-Suisse this year. At the same time, given the current crises in our countries of operation, we cannot rest and must continue to strengthen our commitment to support the most vulnerable populations and their animals 

Healthy Animals - Healthy People - Healthy Environment

We improve the well-being and resilience of vulnerable populations by promoting the health and productivity of their livestock within a sustainable environment.

What we do

VSF-Suisse fights hunger and poverty in eight countries in East and West Africa. We work especially for and with people who depend on animals for their livelihood. Our actions lead to improved nutrition and food security. Additionally, they generate income that gives people improved access to health services and education and thus offer ways out of poverty.

Our year 2022 in numbers (selection) 

  • 50 projects in 7 countries 
  • 156,102 vulnerable people supported during emergencies  
  • 3,350 households provided with improved access to safe water supplies  
  • 2,026,391 livestock treated and vaccinated 
  • 86,015 livestock keepers provided with animal health services 
  • 5,580 people trained in areas like animal health, food production and hygiene, livestock farming and marketing practices 
  • 40,154 people reached through community dialogues on One Health, the prevention of zoonoses and antimicrobial resistance, food safety, health and nutrition 
  • 540 tons of livestock feed distributed in emergencies 
  • 5 fodder stores, 4 milk kiosks, and 8 handwashing facilities constructed 
  • 4 livestock cooperatives supported, 33 dairy cooperatives founded 
  • 3 pastoral perimeters identified and prepared for fodder production 
  • 1,260,227 liters of milk processed 

Our expertise

One Health

Value chains

Animal health

Resilience and livelihoods

Natural resource management

Nutrition-sensitive livestock interventions

Disaster Risk Reduction

Where we operate

How you can help

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