Drought in Dawa zone in Ethiopia

The Dawa zone in Ethiopia has been struggling with severe drought for more than a year. A total of 47,215 dead animals were reported across the zone and 62,960 people are in urgent need of food.

For healthy animals in Togo

Together with our partners in Togo, we support cooperatives of smallholder farmers in their fight against animal diseases. Click through our picture gallery to see how such an intervention looks like:

Healthy Animals - Healthy People - Healthy Environment

We improve the well-being and resilience of vulnerable populations by promoting the health and productivity of their livestock within a sustainable environment.

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VSF-Suisse fights hunger and poverty in eight countries in East and West Africa. We work especially for and with people who depend on animals for their livelihood. Our actions lead to improved nutrition and food security. Additionally, they generate income that gives people improved access to health services and education and thus offer ways out of poverty.

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One Health

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Natural resource management

Nutrition-sensitive livestock interventions

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