On April 15th, 2023, conflict broke out in Sudan. It led to the internal displacement of more than six million people and causing nearly 1.5 million individuals to flee to neighbouring countries. The influx of refugees has overwhelmed existing resources in South Sudan, leaving many stranded with min-imal access to essential services and humanitarian aid. In recent months, the border provinces of South Sudan and Sudan have once again witnessed a surge in attacks, now magnifying an already volatile situation.

Since the start of the war in Sudan almost a year ago, more than half a million people have fled to South Sudan. The majority of them are returning refugees who fled South Sudan during its civil war, but they now find themselves in communities with limited opportunities for reconstruct-ing livelihoods. They are confronted with intercommunal conflicts and economic standstill as the border provinces remain deeply entangled in the enduring aftermath of Sudan’s protracted conflict and are unfortunately further destabilizing.

South Sudan, having recently emerged from years of warfare itself, has already been grappling with a severe humanitarian crisis prior to the eruption of conflict in Sudan. With nine million indi-viduals requiring humanitarian aid and nearly 60 percent of the population facing acute food inse-curity, the situation was already dire.

VSF-Suisse leads projects in South Sudan aiming to save lives by contributing to improved food security of vulnerable, conflict-affected, displaced, and repatriated populations through – amongst other things – treatment and vaccination campaigns for livestock, the distribution of fishing and vegetable growing kits and unconditional cash transfers. Our projects aim to promote the wellbe-ing of families, protect their rights and enhance the capacity of communities to deal with threats and promote peaceful coexistence.

There is critical need for increased humanitarian and development support to assist conflict-affected communities in rebuilding their lives and livelihoods.

For the situation at a glance, take a look at USAID’s fact sheet. You can support our work here – we depend on your help, thank you very much.

Zora Hebeisen
Intern Communication
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