VSF-Suisse memberships VSF-Suisse is not just a nonprofit organisation, it is also an association. Today, we are supported by the solidarity and engagement of more than 350 members – our sincere thanks go to them.

You, too, can support us in the long run by becoming a VSF-Suisse member.

With a contribution of CHF 75.- a year you become a member and receive our newsletter as well as our annual report. Further, you are entitled to a vote at our annual general assembly.

AGM 2020

We are pleased to invite our members to the General Assembly 2020 of VSF-Suisse. This year, due to the coronavirus, it will take place online. At the General Assembly we will be able to report on our activities and the good financial situation of the organisation.

The advantages of being a member

To have a right to a say in the organisation

As a member you are entitled to vote and be elected at our annual general meeting.

Exchange with like-minded people

As a member you can also count on exchange with like-minded people. As a member you become part of a larger group of committed people.


A membership strengthens not only the association, but also the employees and of course those people for whom we work. It is therefore also a demonstration of solidarity and a strong signal for our teams in the field.

Become a member!

As a member you support the association and at the same time you can also have a say.

Sign up today, we’re looking forward to having you on board!

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