Promoting agroforestry in Ethiopia

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This project is working with the agroforestry approach. As previous projects have shown that agroforestry has good development potential for income, animal welfare and the environment in the regions analysed, the project is now continuing to work with silvopastoralism. Silvopastoralism promotes animal welfare through sustainable pasture and forest management. On the one hand, it provides livestock farmers with an alternative feeding option to feed their cattle during periods of drought. On the other hand, forest management also improves the quality of their pasture. In addition, new value chains are created, which result from the fact that the forest can also supply other products for sale.


The project promotes income generation through agroforestry and increases animal welfare. In addition, thanks to the project’s close cooperation with the livestock farmers, they can then pass on the knowledge to their communities.

The specific objectives are the following:

  1. Identification and mapping of existing and emerging agro-ecological zones in the Borana region and implementation of participatory rangeland management plans.
  2. Pastoralists practise adapted silvopastoralism that improves productivity and animal welfare and leads to the restoration of pastures and agroforestry areas.
  3. Livestock farmers generate additional income through new value chains of non-timber forest products.
  4. A structure of an advisory system and a political framework for the promotion of silvopastoralism is in place.


The project is designed to deliver impact through research, community engagement, capacity development and advocacy. The project strategy builds on previous projects and enables shared learning, shared ownership of activities and outcomes, and creates the opportunity for ongoing capacity building and engagement.

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