Emergency aid to improve food security and livelihoods for people in the Sudan conflict

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South Sudan

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In the Sudanese conflict, at least 3 million people (half of them children) have already been displaced by the escalating violence. In addition, armed groups inside and outside of the country are denying civilians safe entry and exit.

The continuing stream of displaced people into South Sudan is worsening the already catastrophic humanitarian situation in the country, which is slow to respond and faces increasing needs with limited resources. This is putting additional strain on existing support, including essential natural resources, goods and services.


The project aims to save lives and improve access to diversified food, income and livelihoods. This will be done through unconditional cash transfers, fishing livelihood kits and vegetable growing kits. The programme targets the 5,000 most vulnerable households (approximately 30,000 people) in the border areas of South Sudan. Project participants include displaced people, refugees, returnees, asylum seekers and hosting communities.


VSF Suisse takes a consultative and participatory approach to project implementation: the participation of men, women, boys and girls, including young people, older people and people with disabilities, is encouraged to ensure that the interests of the various groups are taken into account in the planning, implementation and monitoring of the project.

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